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Trail Run Spain was one of the best holidays I have ever been on. Paul was absolutely brilliant and made sure that i was comfortable on every run regardless of how many people were in the group. Everyone that I met in Alhama was really friendly and the running groups were great. The accommodation was exactly as I expected (authentic Spanish hospitality with lots of food!) and evening meals were something to look forward to as well. Paul, Lesley and Mike made me feel extremely welcome and I would highly recommend this holiday to anyone. I only really run for a hobby and was worried that I would be left behind but that was not the case at all. Paul and the team go out of their way to make you feel welcome and part of the group from the minute you arrive (running and socially) and I had a truly great holiday. Thank you! “
Alison Boston

” Trail running in Andalucia with Paul Bateson was one of my greatest running experiences ever. The scenery’s are breathtaking, the local people are extremely friendly and the food is good and cheap. Paul’s knowledge of the area and his running expertise made this trip unforgettable. Repeat risk very present! ”
Luc Cipers


” It was just the escape I was looking for, with each day on the trails taking us to various types of terrains, some feeling lost in time. Post runs we could relax in the cozy town of friendly family owned shops, lounging and sipping on rich cups of hot chocolate. I would highly recommend running with Paul and Trail Run Spain! “
Ray Sena

Trail Run Oakland

” I had a great week running around Alhama de Granada with trailrunspain. Paul picked me up at the airport and drove me around all week. My runs where guided by Paul and Leslie and Mike, an American couple of running doctors that live there for a year. The schedule was flexible and adjusted to my wishes. My runs included a (road) race in Almunecar Granada, a 25km trail with a little up and down around a beautiful lake, a 13km trail through a gorge, a 30 km up and down mountain La Maroma and back to Alhama and a Run around Alhama and it’s gorge. If you take a rest day, I can recommend going to Granada (Paul will take you there). It is a very nice city and the Alhambra is a must see. But I had already been there, so we went to Loja and the Local hotspring on my rest day (which is great for the muscles). Paul also gave me a map navigation with compass course that I need for an upcoming adventure race. For me the first time I ran 100 km in one week. Wish I could have run further, because the possibilities seemed endless. “
Rob Mol


case study

Push away your limits – Live your dream – Run the Andalucian trails

Background :
I am a female road runner, who did two half marathons and a full marathon last year (and who was listed up in the top 50% of female runners in my age category.) Being a flat road runner, I had a dream to run the trails in the province of Granada. As I typed three key words “trail, run, Spain”, I spotted the Trail Run Spain company of Paul Bateson.

Customer service :
The first thing to mention is that I was very pleased with how fast we set up the date of the visit and with how flexible Paul is in dealing with a group size of runners, which can range from one-to-one to a group training.

Secondly, the Trail Run Spain company web-site is very informative, containing both indication of types of training one can do and plenty of information on running, sports physiology, and running gear and equipment.

The coach :
I find it essential that Paul is asking his potential trainees to fill in the questionnaire, including their goals, sports history, and self-confidence level. This gives him a basis to prepare the trail running program.

I was astonished realizing how adaptive Paul is in dealing with runners of different levels – from professional athletes to nearly beginners. Training a group of runners with different training levels is not an exception for him – Paul uses his knowledge and experience and tunes a program accordingly to the needs of individual runners.

And as Paul connects to his potential trainees via e-mail or Facebook, he is very supportive already from the very beginning. (He gave me the confidence I would be able to run the trails despite my only experience as a “flat road runner”.)

Last but not least, it is a blend of a vast experience, knowledge of the field, motivation, perseverance, adaptiveness, sense of humor, and charisma of Paul Bateson that makes him a very unique coach, one would love to train with.

Trails :
The routes Paul creates are very versatile and rich in terms of the type of the workout one gets – speed work, endurance runs, hill climbs, stability and balance-training tracks on the rocks and ice, and more.The trails are astonishing – breathtaking views of the mountains, hills, river sides, lakes, forest roads, routes along the farm houses, olive- and almond tree – covered trails, and more. An eye constantly spots new views and never gets tired, which helps to fully enjoy a hard work-out one gets.

Participation in one or more local races adds versatility, giving you a flavor of the local culture, and makes the total experience even more joyful and complete.

Free time :
Spending your resting time after the training under the sun, enjoying great food, and exploring unforgettable, picturesque Alhama, Loja, and the whole Granada province, makes your recovery fast and the total experience very complete and joyful.

Outcome :
My Andalucian trail run week pushed away my limits, made me fitter, gave me plenty of confidence as a runner, unravelled the beauty of Alhama and the Granada province, and made me set up to live another dream.

So, I say: “Push away your limits – Live your dream – Run the Andalucian trails.”

Natallia Eduarda